On the one hand, solar power generation systems are a long-term investment, but in places where there is no electricity and it is expensive to attract it, solar panel systems pay off immediately because they provide all the power of available electricity - internet, charging computers and other smart devices, operate power tools, use refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and other appliances.

All of this can also be done by running the generator, but it involves noise, odor and maintenance costs. Solar energy is quiet and clean energy. The generator can supplement solar energy systems both permanently and as a backup power source.

When installing photovoltaic systems in places where there is already an electricity connection and electricity consumption, it pays off to use solar energy immediately during the day, for example, in factories, offices and institutions. Such solar energy systems will pay for themselves in less than 10 years, but if the prices of electricity and its supply increase, the payback period may decrease to 7 or even 5 years. Also, if the main electricity consumption of a building is in the evenings and mornings, as is usually the case in apartment buildings or households, PV panel systems will pay for themselves in about 10 years. Given that quality solar panel systems are built to work many times longer, solar power is a good investment that will definitely pay off.