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Solar collectors for companies and institutions

Solar collectors for companies and institutions

Solar collector systems are advantageous to create in facilities where hot water is consumed regularly throughout the year, such as apartment houses, swimming pools, water parks, showers in industrial buildings and warehouses. It is even more advantageous to use solar collector systems in such objects, if the consumption of hot water in them is seasonal in summer, for example, in campsites, guest houses and hotels.

Solar equipment in Latvia operates productively for 6-7 months, from April to October. Between November and February, when there is not enough heat produced by the sun, it must be taken from the existing heat supply system.

A professionally designed solar system switches automatically to another energy source.

If the guest house or hotel has an outdoor swimming pool heated by solar panels during the summer season, there is a good chance of getting a noticeable amount of solar energy to support heating when the season is over. SPA complexes and water parks are also well suited for the installation of efficient solar collector systems.

A "solar heat pump system" is the only way to fully provide a building with solar energy for heating.

Sauleskolektors.lv recommendations for hotels and guest houses when choosing solar collectors and their systems:

  • Choose quality solar collectors from a reputable manufacturer that gives their collectors at least a 10-year warranty;
  • High-quality solar collectors must comply with European standards EN12975-1-2. A reliable manufacturer must be able to present internationally recognized SolarKeymark certificates and independent laboratory power measurements;
  • There is no economic basis in Latvia to try to achieve more than 70% share of solar energy in the hot water supply system and 30% in the combined hot water and heating support system;
  • It is not profitable to install solar collector systems for heating support if the flow temperature of the heating system exceeds 50 ° C, as well as if the building has insufficient thermal insulation;
  • To provide heating support in Latvian conditions, not less than 10 m2 of solar collectors are required;
    When comparing the dimensions of solar collectors, the areas of the absorbing surface should be evaluated, not the physical dimensions;
  • Attention should also be paid to the thickness of the thermal insulation layer of the collectors. In Latvia it should be at least 50mm;
  • Automatic deaerators and other plastic-containing components must not be used when installing the solar system. May only be mounted using metal pipes;
  • If the boiler volume exceeds 400L, the solar collector system must be able to automatically provide regular thermal disinfection;
  • Allegations that the optical efficiency of solar panels exceeds 85% are false advertising;
  • In Latvian conditions, it is not expedient to invest money in such solar collectors, the absorbent surface of which is covered with absorbent paint, selective varnish or similar. In Latvia, only selective absorption surfaces work effectively, e.g. Alox, Mirotherm;
  • Great care must be taken if a low-cost solar system is offered, which may not include several essential units, such as a heat-insulated pipe, boiler, control unit or load-bearing structures;
  • A very important component of the "solar heat pump system" is Sauleskolektors.lv flat vacuum solar collectors, which are manufactured and installed according to a patented technology and are particularly efficient. Other collectors together with the heat pump can be used only for water heating, not for heating, because only Sauleskolektors.lv flat vacuum solar collectors are safe against condensation.

Sauleskolektors.lv offers solar collectors and their systems that meet all these points.

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