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Solar collectors for heating support

Solar collectors for heating support

Depending on the type of heating in the building, there are several solutions for creating solar systems to support heating. However, the fact remains that in Latvian conditions not less than 10 square meters of solar collector surface is required for the accumulated solar radiation to be used for heating purposes at all. The rest, of course, depends on the area of heated rooms and other parameters related to the installation of heating.

The most commonly used and most popular type of solar heating support system in the world is using a heat storage tank. In such a system, the water boiler is first heated with solar energy, and only then the system automatically switches and heats the heating storage tank.

This means that the solar system for heating support provides primary water heating for consumption, so hot water will always be available. With this solution, there is no need to choose between a warm room and a warm bath.

In winter, solar collectors preheat, thus saving money and perfectly complementing the existing heat production system. On a sunny autumn or spring day, enough heat is stored to heat the building overnight. In this way, the savings are even greater. In turn, during the summer, such a system becomes especially powerful, so you can additionally heat even a swimming pool or even a wet basement.

A good alternative to the same solution is to install combined boilers / heat accumulators, which saves space in the boiler room (because there is only one tank instead of two) and also prevents the formation of harmful bacteria in hot water.

As each object is unique in its own way, sauleskolektors.lv specialists try to find the most appropriate solution for obtaining solar energy and heating support. However, the total energy savings from solar panels amount to at least 30% of the total heating costs per year. However, it can be even greater if you increase the area of ​​solar collectors and connect more solar panels to the system.

Benefits of sauleskolektors.lv heating support systems:

  • an average of 30% energy for water heating and solar heating;
  • the expected service life of the equipment is 35 and more years;
  • as fuel and electricity prices rise, the solar system will lead to more and more savings;
  • comfort and a sense of security, as solar energy is not affected by the crisis and fluctuations in energy prices.

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